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"Have You Done Your Keyword Research Properly? Is Your Website Over Optimized and Preventing You From Ranking in Search Engines?"

Here's How We're Able to Rank in Google Just By Using Proper Keyword Research and Optimizing for Panda & Penguin Algorithm...

After Implementing Proper Keywords and On Page Optimization

When you search on Google and type in your business niche and city, does your website even show up?

Trying to find the perfect keyword and properly optimizing your site to prevent your site from being penalize from Google can be time consuming and frustrating.

And you're not alone...

FACT: 75% of SEO is Off-Page and 25% is On-Page

And that 25% figure isn't something we made up...that figure is straight from Hubspot — one of the best (and most expensive!) inbound marketing companies in the field.


One of the biggest mistakes you can do is not having effective On-Page Optimization.

So let’s say you put in all your time and energy on reaching out for links to send back to your website (continuously building links)...

...You've felt you've done everything and are ready to see your rankings increase in the search engines. A month later, nothing has changed...

How do you get around this?

Is there a system or "hack" that will give you higher rankings you've deserve?

There is, and that's exactly what this page is all about...

The Ultimate Keyword Research
and On Page Optimization For Business

A solution that will enable you to literally focus ON your business, not IN your business for only $79… Here’s how.

Think BIG Engine knows what it takes to optimize your website properly. We have worked exclusively with serious business owners to ensure they are getting maximum online exposure by utilizing a range of proven online techniques.

Using what we know, we can position your business right where it needs to be. Here’s what you get when you choose Think BIG Engine to help optimize your website…

Deep Analysis Keyword Research

  • 3 Highly Targeted Buyer Keywords that consumers use to find your product or services
  • 2 Keywords with little to no competition with high search volume within your niche
  • Keywords that are easy to rank for and get your business on top of search engines

Using your keywords we will perform...

On Site Optimization

  • Proper Keyword integration to ensure that your website is relevant and uses proper search engine standards
  • Compelling Titles, descriptions, and headlines for consumer search and engagement
  • Optimize to prevent algorithm penalties

Personally, we wouldn’t attempt this strategy without having tested it hundreds of times.

At Think BIG Engine, we’ve already done the hard work, made the mistakes, and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). And believe us, we've made some mistakes, got "beatup" a few times along the way...and we do this stuff for a living!!

That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into strategies so everyone on the Think BIG Engine team can duplicate it across all of our client sites.

So now you don’t have to go it alone! Normally these executive techniques sell for $147 - $197, but for a very limited time we’ll work on it for just $79.


  • Start ranking for Keywords that drive traffic to your website and finally bring in the customers from organic search engine results
  • Save time (and money) by having our techniques implemented the right way the first time
  • Be the business who knows what they're doing to their website and not fall into the mistakes of many business owners who can't seem to get it.

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