Steps to Digital Marketing Solutions

Steps to Digital Marketing Solutions
Marketing is a necessity for small businesses.

Reaching potential customers and clients in today’s modern world all starts with one key aspect – digital marketing.

Digital marketing is comprised of four essential elements: website design, search engine optimization, PPC advertising and social media advertising.

Website Design

A fast-loading website with a professional design is the first step into marketing. Without a proper website, you will:

  • Lose potential customers
  • Convert customers at a lower rate
  • Increase your site’s bounce rate

A website is the gateway to customers and clients. Responsive designs that are mobile-friendly are the most effective way to produce a stunning, speedy website that’s ready to be marketed.

Search Engine Optimization

Does your­­ site rank highly in Google?

Websites that rank on the first page of the search results receive over 60% of the clicks from users. Websites that rank #1 will receive a whopping 36.4% click-through rate on average.

And as mobile searches grow, it’s increasingly important that business websites are properly optimized for local searches as well. Studies show that 50% of mobile searches are local. Of this 50%, 61% result in a purchase.

Businesses cannot afford to leave out search engine optimization from their digital marketing strategy.

PPC Advertising

With PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, you pay each time your ad is clicked on. When pay-per-click campaigns are properly managed, they can boost:

  • Brand exposure
  • Profits
  • Traffic

Instant success is achievable through the use of PPC. Business owners will be able to market through a variety of channels to ensure that their offer is in front of their target demographic.

The trick to PPC advertising, specifically Google’s Adwords, is choosing the right keywords and producing the right ad copy to boost click-through rates. With the proper landing page design, profits will soar as a result. Intense management of campaigns is a necessity to find success in PPC advertising.

Social Media Advertising

From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, social media is an important part of digital marketing. Not only do you need to be active on these channels, but native advertising also allows for an easy way to get seen by your target demographic.

Social media can boost:

  • Brand awareness
  • Potential customer networking
  • Sales and website traffic

Over 1 billion people are active on social media. Through refined advertising portals, it’s possible to display ads to your demographic on all of these major networks.

Target users based on age, location, likes and dislikes. Through the use of professional campaign management, you’ll be able to keep costs low while boosting profits.

Social media advertising and management is a timely, yet effective way to grow your business. Digital marketing must include the proper social media channels and advertising to prove effective in 2015.

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Digital Marketing 

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Gregory Duffie is the Owner and CxO of Think BIG Engine. Greg is a serial solopreneur that enjoys helping non-technical folks and small businesses navigate the new rules of the Internet. He specializes in WordPress, Website Hosting, SEO, and Databases. Connect with Greg on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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