3 Ways To Keep Your Website Relevant To Google’s Search Engine

3 Ways to Keep Your Website Relevant to Google's Search Engine

Keep your website relevant to Google search to achieve high rankings, bring in new leads, add to your bottom line, and allow your business to grow.

Staying relevant in Google requires diligence on every webmaster’s part. And if you’re a solo-preneur or small business? Then you are the webmaster and you need to make certain decisions right now.

Here are 3 ways you can keep your website up-to-date in Google.

1. Keep It Fresh

Fresh content can mean more than a blog. Your entire site is content-oriented. Even if you don’t have something witty to say on your blog, you can:

  • Offer industry or company news and updates
  • Offer resources to clients such as webinars, eBooks, user guides, or off-site resources that you find interesting and relevant
  • Update product pages with more details, add pictures, and even share relevant videos

Furthermore, you can also update your blog with one or more of the following suggestions:

  • FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers will improve your site’s link-ability and boost your social presence
  • In-depth Articles: Analyze a certain subject and leave no stone un-turned
  • Top Lists: One of the most shareable pieces of content on social media – everyone loves to read these
  • How-to’s: Teach others how to do something – this never gets old because people in your industry or niche are searching for answers that you can provide
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2. Be Mobile-Friendly

In October and November of 2014 news hit that Google will be tagging sites as mobile-friendly and they even unveiled their own mobile test tool.

Google wants the best results for its users and so should you. If your website isn't mobile-friendly then Google isn't interested in sharing your content.

What does this mean for you?

Sites are going to be judged on their friendliness for mobile users. Losing traffic from mobile users can be a big blow to your website.

Instead, go responsive. Responsive design practices will ensure that your site is able to meet the new demands of users and allows you to stay in the search giant's good graces.

That's great advice - but how do I actually "do" that??

Hire a qualified web developer - not a cheap one that will waste your money learning "on-the-job". You want a web developer or agency with qualified talent to fix or rebuild your website to meet today's stringent standards.

Fast Hosting Providers

Fast-loading, properly designed websites are inherently more search engine friendly, so it's a smart choice for serious website owners.

If you're hosting on sites like GoDaddy, Bluehost, 1&1, or HostGator then you should consider moving to a better, faster, and more reliable web host.

Those companies sell you $4/month website hosting for a reason - it's not very good.

If you're serious about your business then you need something better. The team at Think Big Engine can find you great hosting for a reasonable price. And no, contrary to what you've heard, you probably don't need an expensive dedicated server for your site.

3. Natural Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is, and always will be, a very important part of staying relevant to Google. This happens on many fronts but things have changed slightly in recent years.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Your site needs to be fast, mobile-friendly, and contain keyword-rich content. Even small tweaks to your website's on-page structure can help.

Link Assessment

Old, spammy links can hurt any website but there are ways to delete them. Think Big Engine can run a full link assessment and recommend links that need to be disavowed or links that can be cleaned up a bit with a simple call or email.

Link Acquisition

Obtaining high quality, relevant links is more important now than ever before. These are the website signals that will have Google ranking your site and coming back for more.

Proper SEO – without the old spam tactics – are what's going to help your site grow and remain in Google's good graces.

Google is very picky when it comes to their ranking system. If you feel like your site is not up-to-date or if there's something you can improve in but not sure where to start then the team at Think Big Engine can help.

What will you be doing to remain relevant to Google?

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Gregory Duffie is the Owner and CxO of Think BIG Engine. Greg is a serial solopreneur that enjoys helping non-technical folks and small businesses navigate the new rules of the Internet. He specializes in WordPress, Website Hosting, SEO, and Databases. Connect with Greg on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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